You can decrease the page opening time by not automatically loading the content that your visitors do not see.
  • You can choose which pages the lazy load will be valid on. 
  • You can set which content types the lazy load is valid for. 
You can periodically repair corrupted tables to improve your website performance and database health.
  • You can view the corrupted tables in your database by severity. 
  • You can repair your tables individually or in bulk.  
By caching data on your website, you can reduce your site's load time and improve your site's SEO and overall user experience.
  • You can set how caches are stored on your server. 
  • You can set the duration of caches on your server. 
  • You can set which states will be cached. 
  • You can separate desktop and mobile user caches. 
  • You can set the data that you do not want to be cached.