You can resize your images in your own browser and upload them to your site in an optimized way, without the need to resize them one by one.
  • You save time on your bulk image uploads. 
  • You can set the maximum dimensions and quality of the image you will upload. 
  • By reducing the size of your images before uploading them to your server, you consume minimal space in your hosting space. 


You can reduce server space usage and speed up your website by resizing images.
  • You can resize images of content, products bulk on your site. 
  • You can reduce the quality of images in bulk.
  • You can optimize JPG, PNG and GIF files. 
While adding content such as posts, pages and products to your website, you can use relevant keyword suggestions to get more traffic to your content.
  • You can add word suggestions directly to your content or use them as a tag. 
  • You can easily find popular keywords related to the topic. 
  • You can target keywords correctly with this feature.
If you have changed your website address or want to change the links on your site, you can easily replace the old links with the new URL.
  • You can change the links of all content types collectively or individually. 
  • You can change an old url on your site with a new url
You can create dynamic XML sitemaps to help search engines better index your site.
  • You can create separate sitemaps depending on the content types of your website. 
  • You can include images in sitemaps. 
  • Your sitemap will be automatically updated for each separate content you add, without the need to repeatedly create a sitemap. 
  • You will be listed more easily in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, Ask. 


You can redirect unsecured HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS traffic without touching any code.
  • When you activate the plugin everything will be configured for you automatically and SSL will be enabled.
  • The entire site will move to HTTPS using your SSL certificate. 
  • It works with any SSL certificate also you can redirect your website other website 


You can automatically add alt and title tags to the images you add to your website to increase your visibility by search engines.
  • You can add alt and title tags of images at once. 
  • You can increase the rate of your images appearing in search results. 
You can determine how your website content will be read by search engine bots from your admin panel.
  • You can edit the robot.txt file of your website 
  • You can make your edits without the hassle of FTP clients or permissions. 
You can redirect your pages with 404 errors so that your visitors and search engine robots do not have a bad experience.
  • You can view the list of broken links on your website without using any SEO tools. 
  • You can make 301,302 and 307 redirects to broken links. 
To prevent your visitors from seeing 404 pages as an error, you can have them automatically redirected to a different related content.
  • You can prevent your users from having a bad experience. 
  • You can automatically redirect pages that give 404 errors to content with relevant and similar URLs. 
You can automatically detect your published content with the same name and same content so that your SEO is not adversely affected.
  • You can delete duplicate content and redirect to original content. 
  • You can reduce server usage and speed up your website by cleaning up unnecessary content. 
You can create and manage redirects for unopened, deleted or broken links on your site to improve SEO and visitor experience.
  • You can redirect pages with 301,302 and 307 error codes to different pages you want. 
  • You can view the list of links to which you have redirected.