You can prevent unnecessary traffic by limiting the unusual requests of your users on your website.
  • You can limit your visitors' page visits, searches and comments. 
  • You can exclude any user roles without limitation.
  • You can exclude query limits for search engines. 
  • You can specify how the rules you specify are stored on your server. 
  • You can direct people who exceed the limits to different addresses. 
You can change the standard wp-admin Admin Panel url of your WordPress site.
  • You can manually change the admin panel login address. 
  • You can block malicious login attempts to your admin panel. 
You can secure admin login by adding two factor authentication to your website.
  • You can protect your website from phishing and password theft. 
  • You can block requests that contain malicious code or content. 
  • By blocking all requests from malicious IPs, you can reduce server load while keeping your site secure. 
You can keep bots and abuse requests away from your website and only allow people to fill in the forms on your site.
  • You can add Captcha verification to member login, member registration, comment, contact form sections of your website. 
  • You can prevent actions such as unnecessary member registration, malicious login attempts.