You can upload page load animations to your website.
  • You can select the preloader image you want from the gallery or add your own 
  • You can specify the display time, size and effect of the image. 
  • You can select the pages you want the Preloader to appear on. 
You can add automatic pop-up dialogs to your website.
  • You can edit the popup content with the editor. 
  • You can edit the appearance of the popup. 
  • You can add javascript tracking tags to your popup. 
  • You can choose how many times the popup will appear and for how long. 
  • You can select the pages you want the popup to open. 
By improving the search form of your website, you can show your visitors fast and image results.
  • You can include images in search results. 
  • You can limit the length of titles and descriptions. 
  • You can specify the number of results to show. 
You can display the media on your website in aesthetically pleasing Fancyboxes.
  • FancyBox's image, video, pdf etc. You can choose which objects to apply to. 
  • You can edit the appearance of the FancyBox. 
  • You can select the pages on which the FancyBoxes will be displayed. 
You can easily customize the look of your site by adding custom CSS codes without changing your theme files.
  • You can add custom css to both the WordPress Admin Panel and your website. 
  • You can add custom CSS to mobile, tablet and desktop views. 
You can add a dialog message that informs your visitors about the use of cookies on your site and asks for confirmation.
  • You can add a title and description to the cookie notice. 
  • You can customize the appearance of the pop-up notification. 
  • You You can edit the cookie confirmation button design.