MAGICBOX Admin Menu Manager Plugin

You can organize the admin panel menu depending on admins roles or customers with Admin Menu Manager Plugin.

Is your Wordpress admin panel menu too cluttered?

Looking for an easy way to manage your WordPress admin panel?

It is very easy to design a special admin menu for your managers or customers.

MagicBox WordPress Admin Menu Manager Plugin allows you to manually customize the dashboard menu according to your admin roles or your customers. Whether you have a blog, e-commerce or corporate website, you can easily create a menu with Admin Menu Manager and facilitate the management of your website.

When you complete the WordPress installation, many of the features you need are not available and you will need to install different plugins for this. You need to install plugins for many needs that should be on a standard website. Installing too many plugins complicates your WordPress Admin Panel and makes it difficult to manage. Thanks to the 50 different plugins that MagicBox WordPress contains, you can both make your WordPress management easier without having to install dozens of plugins, and you can easily edit the menus of your administrators with the Admin Menu Manager feature. Admin Menu Manager helps you increase productivity while allowing you to manage menus effectively.


  • You can edit the Admin menu by dragging and dropping.
  • You can show different menus to each administrator role.
  • You can hide unwanted menu items.
  • You can change the name of the menu items.
  • You can reset all edits and restore the menu at any time.

Organize menu items according to website administrators

With just a few clicks, you can customize the menu according to your administrators. Click on a role, uncheck the menu items you want to appear and tick the ones you want to show. It's that simple. You can also change permissions for individual users. For example, you can hide a menu from everyone but yourself, or give a user access to a specific admin page without changing their role.

Edit the menu with drag and drop

Drag and drop your most used menu items to the top of the list.

This will make it easier for you to manage your website. You can also sort submenu items among themselves.

Hide plugins, settings or anything you don't want

You can hide plugins, settings, etc. pages. Thus, you eliminate the possibility of different roles harming your site.

Apart from MagicBox Admin Menu Manager, you can completely organize your Admin panel with 50 different plugins and customize it for your customers, yourself or your managers. You can make your panel independent from WordPress by applying your own brand.


WordPress 4.9 or higher. (recommended: Wordpress 6 or higher)
PHP 5.6 or higher (recommended: 7 or higher)