MAGICBOX Wordpress Admin Panel Plugins

With the Admin Panel Plugin, you can customize your admin panel for both your admins and customers without having to install dozens of plugins on your wordpress website.

Does your admin panel too complicated?

Want to set up a regular admin panel for your client or admins?

Don't you want to create custom login pages for your customers or managers?

Wouldn't you like to customize the admin panel menu and make it more useful?

WordPress Admin Panel is the most important part of your blog, where you meet all the needs of your corporate site or e-commerce site. You can make all the arrangements related to your website, such as creating new content, adding or updating products, customizing its design, security, speed or SEO settings, through the admin panel.

When you install a new WordPress website, the standard features in the admin panel that Wordpress offers us are often not enough for us. Therefore, you will need to install paid or free plugins on your website. Installing dozens of plugins to meet your needs will complicate your admin panel and make it difficult to manage.

That's why you need to install plugins that will make many adjustments such as WordPress admin panel login page, dashboard screen, white label, admin panel menu, panel color and design. The MAGICBOX plugin, which has 50 feature bars in it, saves you from installing many different plugins even just to edit the admin panel.

With the MAGICBOX WordPress Admin Panel Plugin, you can make the edits you want, make the admin panel independent from its standard view, and offer your administrators or customers a personalized and less confusing content management system.

  • You can set admin roles and access permissions on your site.
  • You can edit the Admin Panel Menu. You can remove the menu items you don't want and customize them according to both site administrators and your customers.
  • You can customize the WordPress Dashboard according to admin roles.
  • You can dublicate any type of content on your website with one click.
  • You can customize the WordPress Admin Panel Login Screen and create a special login page for your customers.
  • You can customize the Wordpress White Label for your users or clients, making it independent from the standard wordpress view.
  • You can switch between the Wordpress classic post editor and the Gutenberg Editor without the need for an extra plugin.
  • By putting your website in maintenance mode, you can ensure that your visitors are aware of the situation.
  • You can quickly switch between user accounts in your Admin Panel.

With all these features, you can present a clean admin panel to your managers and customers. With the MAGICBOX WordPress plugin, you will have 50 different plugins with a single plugin.